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Advanced solar generators for camping, outdoors and emergency backup power.
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Committed to producing fuel that is sustainable, clean-burning, and domestically accessible, Washakie Renewable Energy (WRE) is the most significant producer of biofuel in the Intermountain West region. By operating the largest seed crush press in the US, and relying on recycled waste materials like used kitchen grease and cooking oil, Washakie Renewable Energy produces over ten million gallons of biodiesel annually.The biodiesel produced by WRE is the only alternative fuel to complete the EPA’s study under the Clean Air Act regarding emissions and health effects. In comparison to conventional diesel, biodiesel produces only 14% of the greenhouse gases, 33% of the hydrocarbon emissions, and 53% of the particulate matter, while also being quickly biodegradable and less toxic than common table salt.Washakie Renewable Energy’s commitment to conscientious resource management includes distributing several useful byproducts of its biodiesel operation, including high-quality animal feed and refined glycerin. WRE also offers over $25,000 in annual scholarships to engineering students from the University of Utah, the alma mater of WRE’s founder, Jacob Kingston, PhD.